Nate Dorsey  
California & Arizona  
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Q: What does your role as “Agronomist” look like at RDO Equipment Co.? 
A: My role as an agronomist at RDO Equipment Co. is certainly unique. Not only do I serve as an agronomist covering our stores in the Southwest, but I also supervise a team of product specialists who help customers with the latest precision agriculture technology. My knowledge of agronomy allows me to speak the right language and better understand the equipment and technology needs of our customers and their trusted advisors. 
Q: You serve as an agronomist for an equipment dealer. What is the value you provide RDO Equipment Co. customer in the role, versus a traditional agronomist at another organization?  
A: While I do spend a considerable amount of time out in the field, my focus is on helping identify new technologies that customers can use that will help them farm more efficiently and profitably. Once identified, myself and my team will work with our sales, parts, and service teams to help sell and support products and provide training to our customers.   
Q: How do you stay up to date on farming practices? 
A: I stay up-to-date through a variety of means, both formal and informal. I attend many trainings throughout the year to maintain continuing education units (CEUs) for my Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) designation.  

I’m also an active user of social media, where I can see and learn about the latest happenings in the industry on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other places. I listen to several agronomy-focused podcasts, where I can learn from other experts in the industry. As I’m sure others in the agriculture industry can relate to, I have quite a bit of windshield time as I travel to meet with customers, and podcasts are a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest news and practices in agriculture.