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Precision Products and Support / FarmSight

RDO Equipment Co. is recognized as a leader by John Deere in precision products support and sales

It’s simple – we invest in training our teams to support the products. The customer experience was also top of mind when we added in-house agronomists who assist sales, parts, and service in staying up to date on industry trends, in addition to new Technical Support Centers that understand your needs of immediate service.

RDO Equipment Co. has a Product Specialist staff of more than 20 experienced professionals who offer 150+ combined years of experience, tailored to fit any of your product support needs.

Value Added Services
John Deere FarmSight and More

Are you looking for more proactive assistance in your precision product applications to decrease your downtime and increase your productivity? Look no further than John Deere FarmSight. John Deere FarmSight is a complete solution for your farm. It combines your equipment and John Deere’s technology offerings with customized services. John Deere FarmSight solutions can help you easily gather and access data about your machines and your fields. Intelligent, automated equipment brings more precision, convenience and uptime to your operation. Ask your Account Manager about John Deere FarmSight and other RDO Equipment Co. Value Added Services, such as our Technical Support Center, Apex training, preseason in-field startups, or employee training. 

“I feel the Value Added Service is very beneficial. It takes a lot off my plate so I can concentrate on more important things this spring. It gives me a real peace of mind.”  -- Kelly Kohoutek, Geneseo, North Dakota

RDO Equipment Co. Services Offered:

  • Phone Support From RDO Equipment Co. Technology Support Center : $350 per farm
  • Apex one on one: $400 per farm
  • Precision Products product training: $250 per session
  • Install software updates:  $25 per system
  • Pre-season equipment setup: $200 per application
  • Machine Operations Training: $250


  • Machine Optimization in Field: $250 per session
  • JDlink Monitoring: 1-5 units: $300
                                      5+ units: $500

Rural Tower Network
RDO Equipment Co. has invested in numerous tower networks in each of the regions that we serve. Teaming up with Rural Tower Network and creating our own networks provides more than 95 RTK towers that cover roughly 28 million acres across our stores’ geographic footprint.RTK allows you to operate at sub inch repeatable accuracy. RDO Equipment Co. utilizes John Deere StarFire 3000 receivers gaining access to both GPS and Glonass satellites along with John Deere 900RTK or John Deere 450RTK radios, depending on the region and terrain.

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What is MyJohnDeere? MyJohnDeere provides a single sign-in that will allow you to access many John Deere applications such as John Deere Financial, JDLink, AgLogic, JDParts, Stellar Support, My Equipment, and Field Connect.  In order to properly access your information, you need to validate your account. The validation process is a one-time step that ensures your information is complete.

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John Deere Opens Data Sharing Platform to Software Developers
In order to provide more value to agricultural producers, John Deere is collaborating with other businesses to deliver new applications and services that help customers more quickly turn data into management decisions. This collaboration supports improved productivity, efficiency and yield. Companies will provide software and applications to interface with MyJohnDeere, JDLink, and Wireless Data Transfer – three important elements of Deere’s overall technology strategy for the agricultural industry. Click here to learn more.

John Deere Configurator
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Wireless Data Transfer

John Deere introduces Wireless Data Transfer which enables the wireless transmission of data between the GreenStar™ 3 2630 display,, and the producer's farm management information system. This efficient system eliminates the need for manual transfer of data and will be available as a subscription upgrade to JDLink™ Ultimate with Remote Display Access.  Wireless Data Transfer allows data to flow wirelessly to the customer's personalized portal on Customers are then able to access this data from their smart phones, tablets, computers, or any Internet-enabled device. They can then share that data with trusted advisors, and easily transfer value-added information to 2630 Displays they are using in the field. Click here to learn more, or contact RDO Equipment Co. for more information.

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RDO Promise: Uptime Guaranteed

The RDO Equipment Co. Promise:
Uptime Guaranteed

It's a big promise, and we put a lot behind it.
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